PGA Street

Role: Programmer and Artist
Date: May 2004
Partner: Eugenia Leu (Programmer)

PGA Street is a golf game peppered with the style of the urban street feel of EA's popular "Street" series. It is like any other golf game in essence, except you have to play from rooftop to rooftop (there are no golf courses in the 'hood). This was our final project for Game Programming, an absolutely amazing, but exceptionally difficult class here at CMU. Eugenia and I had essentially three weeks to work on this, while finishing up all the work we had to do on Quasi. Nonetheless, I think we hit upon a game which is fun in and of itself, but definitely can be expanded into something terrific.

We used Cal 3D for character loading and animation. It is a nice little package which works with 3DS Max, and allows for smooth-skin animation in games. Eugenia figured out how to integrate it in a couple hours. We also used a sound library written by one of the TA's. Other than, all the code is original, or modified code from earlier assignments.

I did all the art on this, including original models of both Eugenia and myself (I am the one sporting the fashionable Cleveland Browns hat), textures, and animations. Furthermore, I had a bit of programming to tend to as well. Eugenia--amazing programmer that she is--tackled the overall structure of the game, camera tracking of the ball, integration of Cal 3D, the character selection screen, and cel-shading. I was charged mostly with:
  • collision detection and physics
  • customizable levels: the levels are loaded dynamically from a text file. Thus you can make your own up
  • the power guage: the old standby of all golf games

  • We do not at the moment have any videos of the game. But feel free to check out the screen captures.

    The splash screen



    Me in action

    Eugenia in action

    Eugenia, again