Neil Chatterjee One of my best friends. An absolutely brilliant man, who knows a ton about everything, Neil is often described as my "husband". Making me the wife. Go figure. Check out his site.
Jamie Pinto Jamie probably knows more about me than anyone alive. The kindest person I know, she is at Columbia Med right now (so I don't think it necessary to mention how goddamn smart she is).
Kevin O'Brien Probably one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. After work, you can usually find me and Kev shooting pool at various spots around Philly. Check out his site.
Lauren DellaCava According to Jane magazine, I am akin to a case of crabs to my dear friend Lauren. Maybe it is because all my free time is spent around her. Or maybe because Jane is stupid.
Omer Baristiran "Turkules" is simultaneously one of the most diligent, organized people I know, and one of the oddest cats I have ever come across. But he is, above all, a great friend. Check out his site.
Amy Calhoun Simply put, anyone who has ever met Amy has fallen in love with her. She is so much fun, has an anecdote about everything, and is as genuine an individual as there is.
Nathan Schreiber Nate is like...a lightbulb. He is bright, white...and full of filament. Wait a sec, that makes no sense. Regardless, he is really funny, interesting, and wickedly talented. Check out his site.
Oliver D'Silva Big O is one of my buddies from back home in Cleveland. I guess I should call him Dr. Big O now (he just graduated from med school). No matter what the title, he will always be the funny, brilliant guy I knew from way back when.
Phil Prusa "The Big Sexy" is another one of my friends from back home, one that I have known since like 8th grade. God, do I have so many stories about Phil. Every one of my friends in Philly knows him, and he hasn't set foot in this city.
Rick Bolkey "Prime Time" is one of my buddies from undergrad. Probably the nicest person you will ever meet, Rick is a great programmer and (completely tangentially) a hell of a barbecue master. Check out his site.