Name: Salim Zayat
Age: I was born in '79 (I am sick of updating this every year)
Hometown: Cleveland, OH. But now I live in San Francisco.
Hobbies: -reading (mosly science books and Brett Easton Ellis)
-watching football (go Browns!)
-riding my bike, Suzette
-some day, I'll get back into drawing

I am a tools programmer for Shaba Games, living in San Francisco ("the City", for those who don't live on the East Coast). Prior to this, I did my undergrad work at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Digital Media Design. In continuing in the vein of made-up studies, I got a Master's Degree at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon. I also lived a spell in London while working on the film "Valiant". Want proof? Check out my imdb page.

Quite frankly, there isn't much I really want to say about myself. You could probably figure out a bit about me from my links page.

I am a bit of a family man. I have a younger brother Omar, who is built like a brick shithouse. He is a big cat. My aunt Maya and uncle Joe have three wonderful kids--Sammy, Marla, and Leah. And recently, my uncle Omar and aunt Pascale had a child as well--my newest cousin Sarah. She is so damn cute. Check out the pics:
Omar, my mom, me, and Sarah Sarah More Sarah Yet more Sarah
Sarah and her mom Pascale Sarah smiling Sammy Marla
Leah Marla and Leah Me Me, Marla, and Omar
Sammy, Marla, and Lucky Marla and Leah