Demo Reel (1 min 19 secs):
This is the current demo reel. I would love any type of feedback I could get on it. It pieces together a bunch of projects I have done here, along with some mocap stuff from PENN. All the models are made by me.
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Teddy Torture (2 min 37 secs):
This is one of my favorite worlds I have done for the Virtual worlds course. In it, you play a teddy bear torturer, while this teddy general interrogates a POW squirrel. We had two weeks to do it all, and it came off really well. Look for Richard Simmons. He always got a big laugh.
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Franklin's Laboratory (1 min 35 secs):
I was responsible for all character animation (facial, mocap, cleanup, etc.) for this piece which ran before the SEAS graduation at PENN. We had about two weeks to do it, so suffice it to say, I didn't end up sleeping much for that period.
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Moses (41 secs):
This footage appeared on CNN while my boss got interviewed about some of the stuff we are doing at HMS. I made the model and cleaned up the motion capture (which thankfully, I did not have to do).
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Ben Franklin Dancing (40 secs):
My first attempt at motion capture cleanup. Let it be said, the guy who we captured weighs like 120 lbs soaking wet, nothing at all like this rotund cartoon. Hence, I had a LOT to clean.
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Afromeo (15 secs):
Just messing around one time using one of my favorite little characters, Afromeo. I had never done a walk cycle before, so it was worth a go.
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Crime Squad (1 min 30 secs):
My senior thesis at PENN. I had never animated anything before, and yet, in my infinite stupidity, I decided to make an animation. The chartacters are based off of two buddies of mine.
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